Container Gardens

Gardening is a hobby that is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. Vegetables grown at home are less expensive, often more flavorful and the home gardener can control what chemicals come into contact with the food. While many Americans do not have the room for a traditional garden, most everyone can have a container garden. Here are some tips to help your container garden be more fruitful.

Containers that are used for vegetable or other gardening are more susceptible to drying out. Containers almost always need some amount of water each day, unless it rains. Many items exist to help with this process (such as timer run drip systems), but the standard watering pail will do the job just as well.

Another way to deal with the rapid dissipation in containers is to mulch the tops of the containers. While mulching an entire traditional garden can be quite a chore, proper mulching of containers for gardening is easy and requires little mulch. A layer of mulch on a container will help to keep moisture in the soil in the pot.

Ironically, containers are also more likely to be over watered than traditional gardens. Drain holes need to be present in the bottom of each container. Before planting, gardeners need to cover the holes with screen, loosely woven cloth or similar items to keep roots and other items from plugging the drain holes.

While sunlight is certainly needed, those scorching hot days of summer can be rough on plants. This is yet another advantage of container gardening, as the containers can be moved out of the sunlight for a few hours. A shade screen is another option and can be put up to limit the direct sun certain times of the day without having to fool with it each day.

Container gardens can result in earlier and later fresh vegetables at your home. While late spring and early fall often have warm daytime temperatures, one cold night can kill the plants in a traditional garden. Containers allow a gardener to move vegetables into a garage or inside the house and protect them from the elements. Container gardening allows an extra month or maybe two of fresh vegetables without dealing with indoor grow lights.

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